Meg Ryan became a foster mom years ago and this is what her daughter looks like  

She is not only a pretty woman but also a great benefactor 

Many of you know this talented actress, who has devoted her whole life to her career, even sometimes forgetting about herself.

Meg Ryan is so stunning, but apart from that, she is a great philanthropist.

She became a foster mom for an orphaned child 14 years ago and gave her a second chance at life.

She adopted a little girl from China and the reason is simple: the adoption process in America lasts quite long, but in China it’s very easy.

Ryan became a loving mother for her daughter and provided her with everything she needed. She raised her child in love and respect.

She also has a son, who chose to stay with his daddy after the couple’s divorce, but he gets along well with his adopted sister Daisy.

The actress has refused to play many roles for her daughter. She wants to spend much time with her and in many cases her busy work disturbs them.

Daisy has grown up to be a sweet and beautiful girl. She adores her mother and loves to be with her all day long.

There’s only one thing the actress regrets, that she didn’t spend much time with her own son.

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