«Meet the new celebrity couple!»: here is who became Taylor Swift’s new partner after break up with Joe Alwyn

Are you ready for new romance?😱Taylor wants to introduce her partner to her relatives, signaling that the relationship is serious😮But who the actress’s chosen one is surprised fans😳🫣

It’s no longer a secret that Taylor Swift broke up with Joe Alwyn․ After the breakup, she began dating Matty Healy, who is the lead singer of the band «The 1975».

They have fallen in love and are even eager to talk about their relationship and show off their romance during Taylor’s upcoming appearance in Nashville, Tennessee.

It’s interesting that they had a short romance almost 10 years ago, but there were problems with time and it ended․ But during the tour, they communicated almost all day via video call and messages, and waited to meet.
Of course they had relationships in the past, but now Taylor wants introduce Matty to her loved ones, making it clear that the relationship is serious.

Matty also seems to be very happy in this relationship and they both respect each other. He even flies to Nashville to be with Taylor on tour and support her.

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