Matthew Perry’s Last Time Seen in Public Was Meal with a Friend

Exactly one week before his death, Matthew Perry appeared to be having fun on a day out with a buddy. He was photographed leaving a restaurant in West Los Angeles in what would turn out to be his final public appearance.

On October 21, the “Friends” star was leaving the renowned West L.A. restaurant Apple Pan, which serves burgers, sandwiches, and pies. Along with a man holding a takeout bag, it looked like they were heading out.

Though he was starting to grow a goatee, Matthew appeared to be doing well overall. He was no longer the handsome guy that millions of “Friends” viewers knew and adored.

MP was spotted leaving a workout in Los Angeles on October 3 prior to that.

Soon after finishing a two-hour pickleball battle, Matthew’s helper discovered him unconscious at his house on Saturday morning. According to our sources, no narcotics were discovered at the site when he was discovered in a hot tub.

Matthew seemed to have taken pleasure in taking a warm bath. While it may seem unsettling now, six days prior, he shared a picture of the night from the hot tub on Instagram, captioning it, “Oh, so warm water flowing around makes you feel good? Hey, I’m Mattman.

It’s obvious that the adored 54-year-old actor still had the sense of humor that his fans valued and expected from him.