«Makeup denial is not the best decision»: 56-year-old Pamela Anderson without makeup made a splash

Finding photo of her without makeup on the Internet might be challenging.👀🙄

Pamela Anderson is an actress who won millions of hearts and became the standard of beauty for many men. Now she changes her appearance more often to keep her youth. It is very difficult to find a photo where she is without makeup. However, there are pictures.

She has always been representative of sexuality. Even at 56, Anderson has a lot of fans because of the TV series «Baywatch». The actress, however, seemed fed up with the image.

She recently decided to share a video about her life. In this video, you can clearly see that she is completely without makeup. Vidoe shows her from the side and she is almost unrecognizable.

How do you think? Which is better with or without makeup?

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