“Made his wife jealous”: George Clooney told his wife about the kisses with Julia Roberts

Clooney made his wife Amal jealous telling about the kisses with Roberts

G. Clooney is a popular comic as well as trick lover who, despite being completely loyal to his beloved wife, sometimes makes her jealous and this time spoke about the kisses with Julia Roberts.

According to People, he spoke with his wife about the kisses with Roberts. He mentioned that during the filming of the movie “Ticket to Paradise” he kissed the Hollywood actress for 80 times. It definitely made Amal get confused and feel jealous.

As it was found out later, the film stars should kiss each other for one time, whereas they couldn’t help laughing and there were 79 more attempts.

In fact, the man hadn’t taken part in romantic comedies for a relatively long time and he was going to reject to star that role.

Whereas as soon as he learnt that Julia Roberts was going to star, he immediately agreed to as, besides the fact Clooney liked to collaborate with her, between him and the actress there was an inseparable bond, a strong friendship.

They took part in the film “Eleven Friends of Ocean” as well.

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