«Macho of our generation!»: Towards the handsome and attractive husband of Letizia Casta, nobody could remain indifferent

Casta showed her handsome husband and now millions of girls are in love with him 😲🥰

For those who still don’t know, L. Casta has given birth to her fourth baby. She gave her young husband an adorable son on March 11.

Her partner is 5 years younger and, regardless of their slight age difference, the popular actress periodically faces criticism. «What did this handsome young man find in her?».

The couple tries not to anyhow react to criticizing comments and negative feedback. And here is the chosen one of the loveliest French actresses who let no single girl remain indifferent.

«Macho of our generation!», «I can admire this beautiful couple for hours», «Aren’t you ashamed? You took a young guy and regret nothing».

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