«Macho Hollywood stars – Then and Now»: Time spared none of these legendary Hollywood actors who have changed beyond recognition

The fans hardly recognized these former Macho Hollywood men who lost their charm

People used to call the following well-known and successful Hollywood stars symbols of attractiveness and courage, whereas time didn’t spare them and now the fans can hardly recognize their former idols in the following photos.

Leo DiCaprio

The legendary star from the cult movie «Titanic» is now hard to recognize since the great actor has gained much weight becoming a typical man at a mature age.

Edward Norton

The former great star of «Fight Club» now has gray hair and wrinkled face, whereas still remains the idol for his loyal fans.

Johnny Depp

It goes without saying that Depp has recently had difficult times concerning the divorce from his already ex-wife A. Heard which resulted in his current aged and unenthusiastic look.

Jude Law

The former handsome and attractive man currently has a big belly, gray beard and deep wrinkles.

Antonio Banderas

Apart from looking totally unrecognizable here, Banderas looks much older than he actually is due to his bald head and the absence of eyebrows.

Brendan Fraser

The prominent actor well-remembered for his role in «Mummy» has put on much weight having undergone a lot more problems and age-related changes due to his poor health-issues.

Hugh Grant

The former attractive movie star is now an example of how to age with grace still remaining a conqueror of female hearts even with deep wrinkles and other flaws on the face.

Matthew Perry

There is no denying that Perry has changed beyond recognition over the past few years trying to get rid of his drug addiction and long-term depression.

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