«Lucky to have such a beauty next to him!»: The public appearance of his new lover came as a big surprise

The star couple on the red carpet became Brody and Weinstein’s gorgeous ex-wife 🧐❤️

As is known, 47-year-old Brody is currently in a relationship with producer Weinstein’s ex-wife. Their public appearance at Cannes quickly became the subject of public discussions.

The beautiful couple made a spectacular appearance attending the premiere of «City of Asteroids». The stunning appearance of the woman won everyone’s heart.

Georgina’s luxurious floor-length dress with a neckline and adorned with shimmering threads perfectly emphasized her magnificent beauty. The lovers were constantly together and looked happy and harmonious.

It should be mentioned that the rumors about their relationship first became known in 2019 and they themselves announced in 2020. This happened shortly after her husband’s arrest.

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