«Love motivator for everyone»: what Julia Roberts and her husband did on wedding anniversary left fans speechless

Close your eyes, it’s a hot shot from Julia and her husband!🫣🔥The rare and sincere gesture shared by the beloved actress caused a stir among the Internet-users😵🤐

The Hollywood actress who won millions of hearts, Julia Roberts, surprised all her fans this time. She shared her 21st wedding anniversary celebration with her husband Daniel Moder. The couple began their relationship on the set of a film in 2000 and two years later they got married.

Julia shared a rare and candid photo of her and her husband kissing in black and gray outfits. She left a simple caption above the photo that expressed her love.

Family friends and fans congratulated and wrote warm wishes․ Everyone was delighted with the couple’s continuous love and happiness. Julia and Daniel had three children, and the actress proudly raising her children which became the most important for her.

Julia said she and her husband kiss often and exchange virtual kiss messages as a way to maintain their long-lasting relationship.

After a break in Hollywood, Julia returned to the film industry and is now collaborating with Jennifer Aniston in a comedy project. She recently surprised fans with short bangs at an event.

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