«Love knows no bounds»: This is how the girl who was heavily criticized for marrying a unique man has changed over years

Here is the girl who married a unique guy and was criticized by all for her choice

Did you recall Hanna? She is from America and has been married to an «unusual» man named Shane. However surprising it might seem, Hanna’s decision was intensively criticized by many.

As we can clearly see from here, Shane suffers from health problems and can move only with the help of a wheelchair. Many are more than sure that the girl decided to marry him for some benefits, money or else to become famous and be praised by the others.

One still can find lots of negative comments under their common photos claiming that the spouses will soon divorce and that their feelings simply can’t be mutual.

Meanwhile, the others were quick to highly praise the heroic girl for giving this unique man a great chance to feel the delights of a happy life. Let’s wish them endless happiness and hope their love will last forever!

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