«Lost her charm with the lost weight!»: The changed look of Grande soon raised questions

The fans hardly recognized Grande who lost weight and ceased to look like before 😲😱

The weight loss the performer has undergone came as a big surprise. Her latest photos quickly became the subject of discussions. The talented singer asked her fans not to make her look the subject of discussions.

She assured that her former body didn’t stand for the fact that she was absolutely healthy. She claims that she feels wonderful and there is nothing to worry about.

Are you a fan of this popular singer? Do you think she has changed beyond recognition?

«Is it actually Grande? I could hardly recognize her!», «Why is her neck so thin I wonder?», «How long did I sleep?».

«This unhealthy thinness scares me a lot», «Please don’t lose your unique charm!», «I know no singer who is more talented than her,

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