Lopez’s well-remembered «marshmallow» outfit: The highlight of the event became Lopez in a Barbie-like total-pink look

The iconic Hollywood star’s magnificent all-pink outfit drew everyone’s attention

As one of the legendary, most successful and brightest stars in Hollywood exemplifies, each and every woman is absolutely beautiful the way she is which is, of course, undeniable .

Meanwhile, each appearance of today’s overall-recognized star immediately causes a stir appearing in the center of everyone’s attention. No one would deny that she definitely knows how to highly impress everyone with her chic and spectacular appearance.

Though the star is already 53, even youthful girls dream of possessing such a toned body, appetizing figure and attractiveness as her does. What is more, the complete absence of wrinkles and other age-related changes makes her ill-wishers envy her even more.

Despite her mature age, the gorgeous star never ceases to pleasantly surprise her audience with her sometimes daring, tight-fitting and eye-catching looks.

Her recent magnificent look in a delicate pink dress with a matching trench coat drew absolutely everyone’s attention.

The fact that the celebrity decided to go without an ounce of makeup didn’t let any single one remain indifferent.

Her fans were delighted with her completely natural beauty, femininity and grace.

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