«Looks older than her mother»: fans were confused seeing what Jessica Alba’s 15-year-old daughter looks like

Recently, Jessica surprised fans by sharing precious rare footage with her eldest daughter😱😳The girl doesn’t look a bit like her gentle mother🧐🙄

Jessica Alba is one of the famous actresses who always wins hearts with her appearance․ She recently decided to show her family photo to her fans where we can see her eldest daughter. Jessica has been married to her husband, producer Cash Warren, for 18 years, and their eldest daughter, Honor, is 15 years old. To celebrate her birthday, the couple decided to share some photos from their family archive with their subscribers.

Jessica has prepared a post for fans where we see a collection of photos and touching videos. In the photo we see Honor sitting on her mother’s shoulders, or attending ballet lessons, caring for her little brother, doing makeup, and even preparing to participate in online competitions.

Jessica expressed her sincere feelings to her daughter and congratulated her on this special day. She said that from the moment Honor was born, she developed a special connection with her that has remained unbreakable to this day. Jessica is proud of her beautiful daughter, who Honor has become. According to her, Honor became a loving older sister to her sister and brother․

Jessica happily watched her daughter grow and how she charted her path in life. This was a wonderful gift for Jessica․ The actress wished her daughter a happy birthday, wishing her the best.

Jessica’s husband also congratulated his daughter and shared photos from this wonderful day․ He captured Honor as she put on a princess dress and styled her hair in curls․ Cash expressed his emotions, love, pride and admitted that Honor had grown up very quickly.

The family was recently on vacation and enjoying an exclusive Hawaiian resort․ Jessica then got caught in paparazzi footage of her wearing a bikini.

TV presenter Laysan Utyasheva talked about Jessica’s secret of beauty and well-being․ It turns out that this is due to the nutrition system, regular training and charisma.