“Little Miss America after years!”: This is how the “Little Miss America” now looks who won 55 crowns

The girl titled “Miss America” earned her first million at 7: How has she changed?

Meet Isabella Barrett, a little adorable girl who showed the entire world that one can earn millions even at very young ages with beauty contests which, according to her, should always be held for the little ones as well.

It should be, of course, noted that today’s heroine has taken an active part in various shows and competitions participating in “Toddlers and Tiaras” on TLC which reveals the routine life and all the secrets of those who are eager to participate in such contests, including their need to go on crushing diets, learn dancing movements, how to walk properly on the catwalk as well as undergoing beauty procedures to look flawless.

As soon as Isabella’s role on TLC gained popularity, her parents rushed to promote her in the brand of clothing and jewelry they created called Glitzy Girl and, already at the age of 7, the little girl earned her first million. What concerns the brand, it mainly promoted clothes and accessories for specific spheres such as gymnastics, ballroom dancing and so on.

Isabella herself created her own brand of sportswear under the name “House of Barrett” demonstrating many models on herself.

The incredibly beautiful girl, who won 55 crowns in beauty competitions in her childhood years, earned about 128 million rubles (1.8 m pounds) at the age of 16.

Today, Isabella possesses a number of sports cars and other properties in Times Square and can afford to spend millions on a single party. She can get rich and achieve success in any sphere she wants simply introducing herself.

How did you find her current appearance? Has she changed a lot since then?