«Little copy of her dad»: Dwayne Johnson showed off his little daughter, surprising fans with their resemblance

Have you ever seen Dwayne’s youngest daughter?🧐Recently the actor posted a photo from the girl’s birthday party. «Like two peas in a pod», fans commented😲🫢

Famous actor Dwayne Johnson, also known as «The Rock», recently surprised fans on social networks․ He posted photos where we see that they celebrated the birthday of their little daughter Tiana. In the photo, he tenderly kisses his daughter, who is dressed as a real Sleeping Beauty.

The actor showed an interesting party in honor of the birthday of his daughter Tiana․ Other young princesses were invited to the celebration. Tiana’s mother, Lauren Hashian, was also present at the celebration and expressed her unlimited love and affection for her daughter.

Dwayne Johnson always spends a lot of time with his children and often posts photos with his daughters on social networks. He is very proud of his daughters, she is a real caring father for each of them and always does everything possible to make her girls’ dreams come true.

He has three children, the eldest of whom is Simone, following in her father’s footsteps and showing herself in the world of professional wrestling. Dwayne is always proud to talk about her accomplishments and supports her aspirations.

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