«Like wine, she gets only better over time»: Kardashian’s grandmother over 80 became a role model for all elderly women

Here is rare footage of Kim Kardashian’s 88-year-old grandmother Jo Campbell

These days, the world-renowned celebrity appeared together with her mother and grandmother. Many were literally left speechless seeing how good her granny looked who is 88, yet many claim her actual age is known only to her family.

Jo Campbell used to work as a teacher, was actively engaged in business as well as the modeling industry. Currently, she enjoys her well-deserved retirement with dignity and still manages to pleasantly surprise the public with her stunning appearance.

Her caring and devoted children and grandchildren are always there to assist her when it is needed.

No one would deny that Campbell looks her best and, definitely, much younger than she actually is. «A role model for all elderly women», «Now it is clear whose genes her daughters have», «Kim, take good care of your precious granny».

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Do you think she still looks good and quite attractive?

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