«Like real two sisters»: this is what Charlize Theron’s mother looks, who surprised fans with her resemblance to her

«As two peas in a pod», fans surprised🧐😮Striking resemblance of Charlize Theron and her mother left everyone speechless!😳🫢

Famous actress Charlize Theron rarely posts personal photos on social networks․ But she mostly actively publishes photos from filming or advertising campaigns.

However, when she celebrated her mother Gerda’s birthday, it became a great occasion to post family photos. The subscribers were very happy about this․

Charlize posted several photos with her mother․ One of the photos caught the attention of fans because the photo showed her mother with her children, Jackson and August.

On her social networks we can find few personal family photos․
Charlize wrote that her mother is like a real sun, she personifies real life․ Anyone who knows her mother well will understand what we are talking about. Charlize praised her mother’s speaking skills.
All Internet users congratulated her and were surprised by the unreal similarity between Charlize and her mother․

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