«Like an elderly grandma»: fans are disappointed to see Margot Robbie in recent paparazzi photos

It turns out that Robbie’s waist is not as pronounced as it seems in photos😬🙄Her recent photo on the beach disappointed some fans who noticed flaws in her figure😳☹️

The beautiful Margot Robbie has always conquered millions of hearts around the world․ She is one of the most attractive and desirable women in the world. Robbie immediately became known for her unique acting talents․ She played a role in the TV series «Neighbors» and then won the lead role in Martin Scorsese’s «The Wolf of Wall Street». Everyone admires her beauty and luxurious figure.

Robbie is one of the most attractive stars in Hollywood. She is already married but many men fall in love with her beauty․ For women, Robbie has become an icon of beauty and wins hearts․ Various plastic surgeons say that many clients ask for Margot Robbie’s face.

Robbie’s figure is very desirable and is admired by millions of people especially when she wears luxurious revealing dresses on the red carpet.
A recent photo of the star on the beach surprised some fans. They noticed all the flaws in her body and didn’t like her choice of swimsuit․ It turns out that Robbie’s waist is not ideal as we see it in photographs, and her breasts look small, and her hips have become curvier.

I wonder why she decided to sunbathe on the beach in floral granny shorts․ The top of her swimsuit was worn from a different set, which disappointed fans.

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