Legendary actress Glenn Close showed her makeup-free face on her 76th birthday and gave an update about her life and health.

Glenn Close showed her makeup-free face on her 76th birthday and updated fans about her life and health.

The actress opened up about what she thought about aging and why some people may view her as an “old lady.”

Close shared about the relationship with her only child and why her daughter made her cry after growing up.

On March 19, 2023, Glenn Close celebrated her 76th birthday and thrilled fans by sharing an Instagram video updating them on what she was up to lately and her health. The iconic actress started her clip by noting how the sun was setting quickly where she lived in Bozeman, Montana.

The star noted that she was filming in front of a painting of Elizabeth I that was on the “102 Dalmations” set. Close said she wanted to catch up with her fans as so much had happened, revealing how she’d arrived home from Los Angeles the day before after being in New York for ten days.

Glenn Close posing for a photo circa 1985 | Source: Getty Images

The actress spent time seeing friends and theater during her trip. Then she flew from New York to Los Angeles to be with Harrison Ford at the end of the Academy Awards, as they were supposed to present the final award together.

However, the day she arrived, she tested positive for COVID-19 and had to isolate herself and watch the Oscars on television instead. The “Fatal Attraction” star came home after isolating herself for six days and was happy to be home with her dog.

Close shared that she had to fly to England for additional filming, where she had a small cameo. In April 2023, she would finish shooting the comedy, “Back In Action,” in which she starred with Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz.

The actress was also going to shoot another movie in Pittsburgh. However, in the meantime, she was at home reading – something she did while in isolation – and enjoying the sun, while she promised to keep her followers updated on her life more often.

The celebrity also noted her pride in her profession and loved her fellow actors before signing off. Close was so confident in herself that she appeared makeup-free in the clip, causing her fans to share their praise and gratitude for the update.

One person thought the update was “absolutely wonderful” and thanked the actress for it. A second person wished the “goddess” a happy birthday, while someone else thought Close was “stunning” and shared that they loved her.

A fan from France greeted and described the star as “so great.” Annie Starke, Close’s only child, shared several Instagram images of her mother throughout the years and celebrated her big milestone, writing:

“Happy birthday Queen!!! You legend!!! We love you!!!”

In 2017, Close, then 70, revealed that she’d been dreaming a lot about sharing a “wonderful love” with a younger man. The Oscar Award nominee said the dreams kept coming, and when she woke up, she was thrilled!

However, the dreams weren’t necessarily sexual in nature but about feeling love. The star looked “stylish and fit,” according to the interviewer, with the actress admitting that she’d never felt better in her life, confessing that she was “a late bloomer.”

The actress shared how she felt disconnected from how she saw herself and how others viewed her while walking down the street, who’d say, “There’s an old lady.” The mother of one believed that people on the red carpet were perceived as models, and it was hard not to play into it.

Close admitted that she had some excess weight she was trying to eliminate, but that was hard. The star revealed that one got better with age and didn’t feel less sexy or less alive, and in 2019, she believed she was in her prime, adding:

“I feel as free and as creative, as sexual and as eager, as I ever have.”

Glenn Close at the Patrons' Brunch for the 38th Telluride Film Festival on September 2, 2011, in Telluride, Colorado | Source: Getty Images

However, what was ironic was that she thought about how much time she had left. “The Wife” actress said there were many things she was keen on doing and noted how ironic it was to start feeling comfortable in her skin later in life but hoped she had enough time to benefit from it.

Close was glad to be an actress, and her work was still in progress. The star was excited to see what came next, but back then, she was enjoying feeling “chuffed,” while experiencing her adult child’s life.

Who Is Glenn’s Only Child, and Why Did She Cry Because of Her?
The biggest bond Close had was with Annie, 34 in 2023, who followed in her acting footsteps and whom she shared with John Starke. The actress and the film producer dated from 1987 for four years and welcomed their daughter but never married, with the star revealing how Annie was never a problematic teenager, noting:

“When my Annie was three, she looked at me, and said, ‘I want you. I want all of you.’”

The star said her only child was referencing how her mother was a single-working parent who, even when she was home worked or produced something, was never really present. Close didn’t feel things were any better for working mothers today and thought she had it easy because she afforded help.

The star [Glenn Close] said it was a good time in her life, but she did wonder what it would be like to have a partner again.
However, women who couldn’t afford assistance had to put their children in untrustworthy daycare centers, which was hard for them. The actress thought any single parent in any profession felt guilt about not being there for their children.

Glenn Close and her daughter Annie Maude Starke at "HBO's Post Emmy Party" on September 19, 2004, in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

Close recalled a time when they were moving, and she went back to vacuum the house and was crying as she loaded the machine into the car. Annie asked her if she was fine, and the actress agreed, but her daughter instinctively opened her arms for a hug and told her parent:

“Here I am.”

From 1984 until 1987, Close was married to James Marlas, and in 2006, she tied the knot with David Evans Shaw, but nine years later they divorced. The star said she didn’t know when asked if she’d marry again.

The “Crooked House” actress felt marriage was a “positive evolutionary component” that said we were better partnered. Annie’s mother thought nothing was better than having someone to create a history, find comfort with, and have children.

However, that opinion was something she realized late in life, at a point where she didn’t have it and wasn’t sure she’d experience it again. Close believed being connected was a basic need, but she was still happy, and life was good to her.

The star said it was a good time in her life, but she did wonder what it would be like to have a partner again. However, the experience would have to be completely different from her past, and then she had that fantastic dream and woke up happy.