Legendary actor Pierce Brosnan with his handsome heirs took part in a photoshoot for GQ magazine

How fashionable Hollywood actor Brosnan and his heirs look in this photoshoot!

Pierce Brosnan is a well-known, successful and celebrated Hollywood actor who is world famous and most recognized for his legendary role James Bond.

Apart from this character, the towering Hollywood actor has brilliantly taken part in a number of films gaining fame, success and popularity all over the world as well as charming absolutely every on-viewer.

Just recently, the great actor and his two heirs took part in a photoshoot for the magazine GQ which is going to be released this month.

In these fascinating photos, we can see his son Paris who is already 21, and Dylan who has recently turned 25.

A simple look at this photoshoot immediately makes it clear that the handsome boys are actively engaged in modeling and have already achieved enormous success in this sphere.

It is worth mentioning that a number of network users firmly claimed that the boys, in fact, look much alike their mother taking the color of their eyes and hair into account.

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