Legendary 51-year-old model Campbell appeared on the cover of a magazine with her newborn baby

Supermodel Campbell eventually shared a photo of her newborn daughter

It is worth mentioning that the successful and demanded model first showed her newborn baby on the cover of the magazine Vogue.

In May, 2021, the supermodel left everyone speechless by making an announcement saying that she was in a delicate position. Her fans were greatly surprised by the news as they noticed no sign of pregnancy and some even refused to believe in its truth.

Network users were more than sure that the well-known model was simply kidding or actually adopted the child. Whereas the cult woman pleasantly surprised everyone claiming that the baby was, in fact, her biological daughter.

The mother shared that she intended to keep her pregnancy secret without telling anyone about it. That’s why her fans were astonished being suddenly hit by the news.

As it later turned out, not only the superstar’s fans, but also many of her relatives and friends weren’t aware of the happy news. Among them was Zoe Saldana, Gwendolyn Christie and Sophie Turner.

As Naomi added, she now doesn’t imagine her life without her little miracle and she actually means the whole world to her. The fashion model doesn’t deny the possibility of future pregnancy as well.

The popular mother and her daughter do many things together. Naomi often sings to her newborn. Now, the woman wants to provide her daughter with those things which she wasn’t fortunate enough to have in her own childhood.

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