Larvell Jones from «Police Academy»: This is how the leading character of the cult series Michael Winslow has changed since the 1980s

Do you remember Larvell from «Police Academy»? Here is the actor after 39 years

Fame and overall recognition came to talented and charismatic actor Michael Winslow in the mid-1980s shortly after the release of the cult comedy «Police Academy» in which he brilliantly played the leading character Larvell Jones.

His praiseworthy ability to reproduce thousands of different sounds with his voice delighted absolutely everyone. Winslow made his debut in cinema in early years of the 1980s.

The popular series «Police Academy» made the man an overall-famous and world-famous star who became highly in-demand after it, yet no more played leading roles in the course of his career.

Winslow brilliantly took part in 10 films and TV series and now, already at such a mature age, he occasionally accepts directors’ offers delighting his fans with his great talent, charisma and energy.

Have you watched the cult 1980s’ series? Are you a fan of this prominent actor?

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