«Lace and leather dress with a cutout»: the way fans saw Zendaya, won their hearts

The men were glued to the screens, holding their breath💘😱Zendaya in a fitted dress showed what her flawless figure looks like😍🫣

Zendaya has repeatedly won hearts with her appearance. This time, she appeared at the CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards in Las Vegas, where she was presented with the Star of the Year award.

The beautiful actress and singer wore a light brown dress from the Versace brand, which suited her perfectly․ The dress matched her skin tone.

The outfit was made of leather and lace, a floor-length skirt with a rose pattern, and leather inserts like a corset. The dress had a cutout that emphasized Zendaya’s slender figure. Her leather high heels completed her glamorous look.

Zendaya played the role in the hit HBO series «Euphoria», for which she previously won two Primetime Emmy Awards. CinemaCon celebrates the achievements of actors, actresses and directors․ It is also an opportunity for the global theater industry to thank them for their contributions to the world of filmmaking.

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