«Lace and high heels at 9 years old»: Kim Kardashian’s daughter’s chosen style confuses fans

Kim Kardashian’s daughter North was seen wearing a lace jumpsuit and heels😒 How do you think? Is it worth to dress like this at 9?🙄🤔

Kim Kardashian’s eldest daughter has won the hearts of her mother’s fans more than once. Now she is 10 years old.

When she was 9, people noticed her extraordinary fashion sense. What the fans saw surprised them.

North was spotted with her mom in a lace jumpsuit and high heels. All Internet users began to discuss the girl’s style. Many fans thought she looked like her father and for some, she followed in her mother’s footsteps.

Some users did not like the girl’s outfit. They claimed that this outfit was not suitable for such a little girl.

Many were amazed at North’s choice and that she wears high heels at the age of 9. We are very interested in what you think about this style and for you which parent the girl looks like.

It will be interesting if you share your opinions in the comments. We look forward to your responses.

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