Kylie Jenner was criticized for dressing her little daughter the way as though she is already an adult

Jenner faced criticism for not dressing her little girl in an appropriate way

A number of people rushed to criticize world famous celebrity and enormously successful businesswoman Kylie Jenner for dressing Stormi, her kid like she is already grown up. In hot and stuffy weather, the iconic star dressed the little girl in a leather jacket.

The millionaire businesswoman decided to take her absolutely adorable daughter Stormi with her to the launch of her own brand of cosmetics.

The young mother expected to receive nice compliments on their stylish outfits, whereas instead, people rushed to heavily criticize her for not dressing her little girl in a proper way. The cutie was wearing a leather jacket, sneakers from Nike as well as holding a leather bag.

“Well, this looks quite good but what about the fact that Stormi is still a little kid who needs proper clothes?”, “You should prioritize her health”, “Why is she dressed like this?”.

Do you agree with the comments?

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