«Knee-length skirt and girlish manners»: recent paparazzi photos of Jodie Foster with her son disappointed fans

Paparazzi recently captured a rare moment of Jodie walking with wife and son😱😳«What an outfit is this for a guy in front of the public?», fans were confused😬🙄

The famous 60-year-old actress Jodie Foster usually shares her personal life with the public. This time I couldn’t escape public attention. Recently, paparazzi spotted the actress with his wife Alexandra Hedison and son Keith.

It was a rare occasion in a long time when Jodi was in public with her son․ Such a chance came in the summer of 2021. A unique family with 53-year-old wife actress Alexandra and their son went for a walk.

Jodie is mum to two sons with her ex-partner, film producer Cydney Bernard. The couple divorced after 15 years of marriage in 2008. And they are silent about who the father of their sons is․

Jodie took a break from acting but recently returned to star in the fourth season of «True Detective». In the series, she plays the role of detective Liz Danvers, who is investigating mysterious disappearances․

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