“Kissing Pitt wasn’t in the script”: During the filming Margot Robbie kissed Pitt though it wasn’t planned

Actress Robbie kissed Pitt during filming though it wasn’t in the script

Outstanding actress M. Robbie at 32 has lately admitted that she, in fact, took the risk and dared to kiss Pitt during the filming though it wasn’t actually in the script.

The iconic star of “Boyfriend from the Future” spoke about the release of the film sharing that kissing Pitt was planned on the spot, however surprising it may seem.

Robbie confessed that she couldn’t simply miss a once-in-a-lifetime chance to kiss the legend of Hollywood.

Here are Margot’s thoughts at that moment. “When will I ever be given such an opportunity? It’s my only chance to kiss him”.

She approached Damian Chazelle suggesting that it would be relevant that Nellie kissed Jack and the man convinced Margot to admit that she simply wanted to kiss the actor. To everyone’s surprise, Damian rushed to agree confessing that it would be relevant in that case.

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