«Kisses her paralyzed father’s legs»: Singer Shakira’s praiseworthy act of kissing her seriously sick father’s legs moved the fans

Everyone was touched by the video where Shakira kissed her paralyzed father’s legs

Only few know that iconic, charming and overall-famous singer Shakira’s father has recently been hospitalized. The brilliant performer deeply touched her followers sharing a video in which she kisses her seriously sick 91-year-old father’s legs.

«Everyone’s cherished dream is to have such a kind-hearted and devoted daughter», «Far not everyone is blessed to have such a precious daughter», «Your efforts will definitely pay off one day, Shakira!».

«My heart broke into thousands of pieces», «Bravo, I have no words».

«How dedicated and generous she is», «I didn’t want to have kids until I saw this video».

Would you do the same thing to your father? Share your opinion below!

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