«Kissed her brother on the lips!»: This is what the world’s most beautiful woman’s younger brother looks like

Only a few have seen Jolie’s brother who looks like the male version of his sister

Here is James Haven, an American actor and producer, who is not as popular and successful as his sister Angelina. It stands to reason that however intelligent and talented he might be, he would probably remain in the shadow of his sister.

Many find that their relationship is too close considering their scandalous kiss on the lips during the 2000s Oscars which quickly became the subject of heated discussions. James and she became even closer after the departure of their mother.

Later, they both admitted that their kiss was innocent and that being awarded an Oscar for «A Life Interrupted» made them overjoyed. The sister also added that even after the tragic breakup, James was always there to support her.

However, there were rumors that it was James to blame since he was the reason the spouses divorced. Judging by the photos on social media, it is hard to recognize the man in real life since he looks far from his best according to many.

His face is full of wrinkles, parchments and folds causing criticism and negative feedback.

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