«King Kong’s lover looks amazing at 72»: One of the legends of Hollywood Lange delighted the fans with her stunning look

All eyes are on the nice look of Jessica Lange who at 72 still wins millions of hearts

Here is one of the legends of the Hollywood film industry J. Lange who still doesn’t cease to delight everyone with her timeless beauty and eternal youth. The beloved of King Kong still looks her best and hasn’t lost her charm over the years.

«I can’t believe my eyes. How fast time flies!», «She signed for eternal youth, for sure!», «Let’s imagine her without plastic surgeries», «In one word – gorgeous!».

«Is she really 72? Are you kidding me?», «She hasn’t changed a lot», «I am delighted. How stunning she looks at her age!».

«I can admire her forever!», «She probably doesn’t know how to age», «Looks 40, not 72».

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