Kevin Costner’s Wife Moves into Staff House While He Vacations in His $250,000 a Week Estate — Photos

Kevin Costner was caught by surprise when his wife filed for divorce.

After refusing to leave, his now ex-wife has moved out of their home into a smaller one, which is used to house the staff.

Costner still helps his wife amid their divorce and is supportive of her even though they are no longer together.

Kevin Costner and his ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner, have been in the midst of a contentious divorce. The actor and his wife have been married for many years but recently called it quits.

Nineteen years after the couple married in 2004, news broke that Baumgartner had filed for divorce from her husband and cited irreconcilable differences as the reason.

A rep for Costner announced the divorce, saying situations beyond the actor’s control had led to the dissolution of his marriage. A source close to the actor said the filing was “an unpleasant surprise” but that he wasn’t altogether “shocked” by the event.

Baumgartner Moved Into the Staff House
After the couple’s divorce was announced, reports said that Baumgartner refused to leave the family home where she and Costner had lived for most of their marriage. However, recent development shows that she has officially vacated the property.

A day after Baumgartner was seen running errands in Montecito, there were reports of a U-Haul truck outside the home that Baumgartner and Costner shared throughout their marriage. Boxes of Baumgartner’s possessions were also seen outside the house. It has now been revealed where Baumgartner is relocating to.

As the moving trucks pulled up outside the estranged couple’s house, Costner was reportedly on vacation with his three children at his $250K a week estate in Aspen, Colorado. A source close to the couple shared that Baumgartner is moving according to legal advice.

Baumgartner has reportedly received advice telling her she should move to a smaller house on the same property as her shared home with Costner. The source shared:

“[Baumgartner] will stay at a smaller house on the property that’s been used as a staff quarter.”

The source said it is a temporary solution, and she will still look for another home in the area. Baumgartner will remain on the site so that she does not disrupt her children’s lives and would like to keep her children’s lives as normal as possible.

Kevin Costner at Legoland California with his sons in 2015 | Source: Getty Images

Costner has an impressive property portfolio that he and his family have enjoyed throughout the years, forming part of the divorce settlement he and Baumgartner are attempting to resolve.

The actor’s primary residence is in Santa Barbara, California, and he owns another property just down the road. He also has a property in Aspen, Colorado, where he and Baumgartner married in 2004. Costner also has an apartment in L.A., and he had a restaurant in South Dakota.

Four years ago, Costner’s home in Aspen was featured in a YouTube video by CNBC, and a year ago, another YouTube video did a house tour. The tour showed the outside of the house and its beautiful interior, which Costner rents for a minimum of one week at $250K as there are so many facilities on the property like lakes, sports courts, and places to relax.

The home sits on a rocky outcrop overlooking a beautiful lake, but the cozy interior stole the show. The house sports six bedrooms and six bathrooms, while the outdoor area spans an ample space where Costner and Baumgartner married. There is enough place for sixteen in the main house, twelve in another house, and eight in a smaller cottage on the property.

Although their divorce has been difficult for Costner, he still helps his ex-wife, paying her $129k in child support each month. In turn, Costner has taken a vacation with his children in Aspen.