Johnny Depp’s return to the film industry garnered much excitement, but his appearance concerned his fans

He needs to get his Hollywood smile back 😲😳

Johnny Depp’s appearance on the screens again satisfied his fans and they were extremely happy to see that their beloved actor decided to continue his career.

But there’s something wrong with his appearance, which concerned his fans a lot. They spotted that his teeth are in poor condition.

Many believe it’s his fault because he smokes a lot and doesn’t go to the dentist, which really surprises his audience, as such a famous person needs to take care of himself.

The condition of his teeth is becoming worse day by day, and the most surprising thing is that the actor seems not to care about it.

He must return his Hollywood smile, because his fans want to see him in a great look.

They hope that Depp will concentrate his attention on this problem and will smile confidently.

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