Jennifer Garner had heard such comments about her son for some time.

Jennifer Garner appeared with her lookalike and grown-up son.

The boy was previously slammed for his long hair.

Jennifer and her ex Ben Affleck seem to allow their kids to look how they want.

The famous actress Jennifer Garner appeared in public with her youngest son, Samuel Garner Affleck. The two had the time of their life on a sweet mother-son outing, enjoying the view from court-side basketball seats at the Arena in Los Angeles. The two were there to watch the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors.

Jennifer and the 11-year-old Samuel could be seen having a ball as their home team faced off against their opponents. One snapshot caught the mother-son duo as they excitedly smiled up at a scoreboard, with Samuel pointing out something that obviously impressed him quite a bit.

Jennifer Garner with Violet Affleck, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck and Samuel Garner Affleck August 20, 2018 in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

The mother and son willingly posed for pictures, Samuel proudly showing off his new hairstyle. The boy sported a classic short haircut with a proud fringe. Previously, Jennifer was shamed by many online for allowing her boy’s hair to grow extremely long.

Jennifer Is Seen with Her Rarely Seen and Transformed Son, Sam, Who Grew up a Lot
Jennifer shares Samuel with her ex-husband, the actor Ben Affleck. Jennifer and Ben married in 2005 but went their separate ways in 2018. They also share a 17-year-old daughter, Violet Garner Affleck, and the 17-year-old Seraphina Rose Garner Affleck.

On a post made by In Touch Weekly, users commented things along the lines of, “I thought this was a girl!”

Jennifer Garner and Samuel Garner Affleck at Arena on March 05, 2023 in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

For the mother-son date, Jennifer donned a casual cashmere sweater, black jeans, and leather boots. Her son wore a blue NBA hoodie, a blue shirt, casual jeans, and sneakers. The two sat enthralled with the game for most of the match until they had an unexpected visitor.

During the match, the legendary basketball player LeBron James stopped by to say hello to the famous actress and her son. When halftime was called, LeBron took a second to stop by, and Jennifer was seen giving the athlete a friendly hug, standing on her toes to reach him.

It seems Jennifer and Samuel have revised his long hair after many fans on the internet criticized the actress for allowing her young son to grow his hair to almost shoulder-length. Despite the outcries, though, Samuel’s parents seemed to let him wear what he wanted initially.

Despite Being Slammed, Jen and Ben Supported Their Son and Allowed Him to Have Long Hair
In 2021, Samuel was spotted in public with each of his parents on numerous occasions. After fans saw the boy with increasingly long hair, they started expressing their opinions, saying he looked like a girl. Many couldn’t understand why his parents allowed him to grow his hair so long.

Ben also took Samuel to an NBA match in February.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Violet Affleck and Samuel Affleck on August 11, 2013 in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

On a post made by In Touch Weekly, users commented things along the lines of, “I thought this was a girl!” One user commented, “Get a haircut!” while another wrote, “I wouldn’t want somebody to mistake my son for a daughter.” One more user thought it prudent to give their opinion, explaining why they thought short hair suited boys more:

“I’m old school short hair boy’s long girl’s I wouldn’t want somebody to mistake my son for a daughter. When my girl’s were baby’s they had no hair and were mistake for a boy,even though they were wearing pink and ruffles.”

Despite the public outcry, Ben and Jennifer seemed to let their son wear his hair how he wanted. And despite the negative comments, many fans thought the boy looked good with his long hair. One user commented, “Love his long hair.”

Samuel’s Strong Bond with His Dad, Ben
Although Samuel’s parents are divorced, the youngest of the Garner-Affleck brood has an excellent relationship with both his mother and his father. Ben and Samuel have been spotted on numerous occasions enjoying each other’s company and building a strong father-son bond.

The “Triple Frontier” star was recently seen treating his boy to a drive around the block in his vintage Ford Bronco. The two were photographed having a lovely, relaxed day together in the mint-blue car. Previously, the two were also spotted at sports matches together.

Ben also took Samuel to an NBA match in February. The dad splurged on court-side seats, and it seems the young boy thoroughly enjoys his basketball. After separating from Jennifer, Ben married Jennifer Lopez, blending his family with hers.