Jay Z: Take the money, don’t pick $500K over dinner with me

Jay Z is cautioning people who declare they would rather forego a $500,000 dinner with him against making that choice. The American rapper claims that choosing to meet him over $500K is a bad deal.

Jay Z talked about the trending Twitter conversation in an interview. A few months ago, some Twitter philosophers made the case that having dinner with Jay Z is preferable to paying $500,000 because the rapper has connections or knowledge that can help you become a multimillionaire.

Jay Z, though, doesn’t think that’s a wise move. Rapper, a billionaire, told Gayle King on CBS Mornings, “You got to take the money.”

The host said, “You got all that in the music; that’s a bad deal. I won’t tell you to cut the bad deal; take the 500,000, go buy some albums, and listen to the albums; it’s all there.” in response to claims made by others that meeting Jay Z will grant them wisdom.

“If you piece it together and listen to the music for the word and what it is, it’s all there,” the Beyoncé husband and father of three children asserts. He went on to say, “Everything that I said will happen; everything I said I wanted to do, I am done, and it is the blueprint for me and my life, and my journey is there already.”

Watch the interview trailer below to hear more from Jay Z: