«It’s time to say goodbye to such dresses»: The provocative outfit Jennifer Lopez appeared in was heavily criticized

The scandalous outfit of Lopez in a transparent dress with crystals and a yellow bow

Though Jennifer Lopez is already 53, she still doesn’t cease to pleasantly surprise her fans with her perfect body, attractiveness and excellent style. Each her appearance become a sensation and each outfit she puts on costs millions of dollars.

The recent bold outfit of the iconic star with sparky crystals and a yellow bow wasn’t unnoticed.

There is no denying that this dress has been listed among the most beautiful ones she has ever worn throughout her drizzling career, however, many were more than sure that it is actually high time to stop wearing such things.

To many, it seemed as if she didn’t wear anything beneath the transparent fabric since the bodysuit she put on was beige.

Let’s just admit that Lopez looks fantastic as always.

Do you share the same opinion? Do you think women in 50s still can wear such dresses?

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