«It’s already too much. Stop her!»: Lizzo’s extraordinary look in a voluminous flowery dress left everyone speechless on the Red Carpet

Weighing 310 pounds, Lizzo appeared on the Red Carpet dressed as «A Flower Man»

Popular, successful and in-demand plus-size singer Lizzo never ceases to deeply impress her audience with her extraordinary, eye-catching and, sometimes, scandalous outfits constantly and openly supporting body positivity and self-acceptance.

She is convinced that today’s beauty standards and fashion tendencies lead girls and women to lose weight and strive for unhealthy thinness. In her turn, Lizzo encourages plump women to wear whatever they feel confident in without being ashamed.

Whereas sometimes, her extravagant and mind-blowing outfits leave everyone speechless. Lizzo really likes to wear miniskirts and shorts, crop tops and such other things «not acceptable» for those with overweight.

If we take her latest appearance on the Red Carpet at the Grammy ceremony, she was wearing an unusual voluminous dress with a long train and huge flowers. She was in a vibrant orange corset and a tight-fitting skirt under it.

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