«It’s a crime to look this hot at 59!»: The fans could find no words to describe Pitt’s handsome look

The «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» actor still steals the hearts of women even at his 59 🥹😍

Pitt’s recent appearance on the French Riviera captivated absolutely everyone. The star successfully took part in an advertisement. Her young and handsome look hardly let any single girl or woman remain indifferent.

It is worth mentioning that outstanding film star Karina Byot participated in the advertisement as well and was later caught standing next to the Hollywood star.

The prominent actor dressed in total white stole millions of hearts with his ageless beauty and hotness. The fans could find no words to describe his handsome appearance. He was in an unbuttoned shirt and matching trousers.

«The Curious Case of Benjamin Button» star seems at least 20 years younger and still remains the same heartthrob as he was years ago.

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