«It’s a crime to look this hot at 58!»: Bellucci appeared in French gloss and again delighted everyone

Bellucci’s sophisticated look with a hint of provocation drove all men crazy 😍

Her stunning image with a hint of provocation became the subject of admiration. The iconic actress appeared on the cover of a magazine. Though many found her too old for this, she still amazed the fans with her charm and femininity.

One may say that she still defines female beauty despite her age. It is worth mentioning that her heiress decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and has already achieved incredible heights.

Bellucci’s look consisted of a white sweater and a Cartier Trinity ring. Her loose hair and sense of style pleasantly surprised everyone. Later, she chose a flowing dress, then a black bustier with a blazer, then a white shirt.

The luxurious jewelry became the perfect complement to her image and gave the iconic woman even more charm.

Those who worked with her described her as the most French of the Italian stars with whom it was a pure satisfaction to work.

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