«Isn’t it illegal to look this hot at 56?»: The fans couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Kidman in swimwear

People double-check whether Kidman is 56 after seeing the actress in a bikini 😱😍

No one believes their eyes when they see this talented, successful and world-renowned actress and realize that she is already 56. However surprising it might seem, she still possesses an amazing body and has no plans to age.

People keep asking what secrets she has to her beauty and how she manages to maintain her physique fit and stunning.

«Tell me the secret of looking this hot at 56!», «I can’t believe my eyes. Is she already in her 50s?», «If aging, then only in this way!».

Some even started to criticize T. Cruise for leaving her for K. Holmes. The fans call her an icon and the epitome of female beauty.

What are your thoughts?

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