«Isn’t it illegal to look so hot at 59?»: The fans of Bullock are delighted by the actress’s timeless beauty

Bullock has no plans to age and looks amazing even being a year away from 60 🤗🥰

Everyone probably knows this outstanding actress who has lately celebrated her 59th birthday. Many are delighted by her timeless beauty and unearthly charm. What she looks like at such an age never ceases to surprise everyone.

The interesting outfit of Sandra in a lightweight dress complemented with khaki Birkenstock sandals pleasantly surprised everyone. Among her accessories were hoop earrings and an elegant bracelet. Her straw bag became the final touch.

After the recent paparazzi photos, the fans couldn’t believe their eyes. It was hard to realize that Sandra is already 59. She raises two children Louis and Layla with African American origins whom she adopted.

She asks people not to focus on the different skin colors of her children and consider them a complete family.

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