Is this the termination of the tale? Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are on the border on the break-up

There is gossip that there was a grave dispute between spouses.

As it seems the beautiful fairy tale about the princess in the palace may soon end, there are rumors that there was a serious disagreement between spouses, and the couple even went to separate houses.

The couple has been in the spotlight for years now. Firstly, the royal family has always been at the center of public attention, and secondly, the relationship of the couple from the very beginning was related to gossip as well as intrigues. It hasn’t been without controversy, most recently a hasty review of a reality show, whose details could upset the new King Charles III.

True, currently, it is not obvious whether it makes sense to do a show about family life if there are grave disagreements between spouses. This is reported by insiders, particularly, the royal expert Lady Colin Campbell. On her YouTube account, Campbell revealed that Harry and Meghan were in serious disagreement. The couple even resorted to the services of a lawyer. Colin announces that she confirmed this information by negotiating with many people from her inner circle. It turns out that the couple has already agreed on a break-up but carries on pretending that they continue to be with each other. In relation to news as well as gossip, the prince pushed Meghan into this because he uncovered her real colors.

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