“Is Cher at 76 getting married?”: The incredible news that Cher’s young boyfriend proposed her left the fans speechless

Well-known singer Cher showed the luxurious ring she has been proposed with

Recently, the legendary Armenian-American singer has been caught with her boyfriend by paparazzi. The fact that the beloved one of the iconic woman is forty years younger than her immediately caused a stir on network. The legendary singer proudly demonstrating the luxurious diamond ring she has lately been proposed leaving every single one speechless.

Rushing to satisfy her fans with the answers to their most frequently asked questions, Cher admitted that every single time one makes a choice, he takes a risk which is beyond any doubt.

What is more, the iconic celebrity at 76 accused the producer Edwards of having affairs during their relationship, thus questioning his reputation.

Do you think they will marry and create a strong family? Share your opinion below!

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