“Incredible body transformation!”: This strong-willed man changed beyond recognition becoming a local star

No one would guess what this powerlifter used to look like before transformation

Meet Andrey Sharafutdinov who has been actively engaged in sports, particularly powerlifting since the age of 20 when the boy determined to gain muscle weight and after a lot of hard and diligent work became totally unrecognizable becoming the best version of himself. Andrey was aware of the fact that in order to lift heavy barbells, the presence of muscles is actually not enough. In fact, he needed body mass.

Soon, the man’s weight reached 144 kg. however surprising it may seem. as a result of not so healthy diet including much fast food and sweets. Whereas soon, he clearly noticed that it was extremely hard for him to lift heavy things and he even had shortness of breath which led Andrey to radically change his staple diet.

Due to regular cardio trainings and a proper nutrition the athlete gradually lost more and more weight.

Reconsidering his diet, Andrey cut off sunflower oil and other fats from his diet and started to consume only boiled food. The athlete was determined enough to replace sugar with a sweetener as well.

Owing to his proper nutrition, determination and strong will-power, he succeeded in losing over 50 extra kilos and currently feels much better without overweight. Whereas he sometimes affords to eat something tasty since everything is good in balance.

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