«In the arms of his star mom»: Here is the second time Rihanna delighted everyone by posting a heartwarming video of her son

This exclusive footage of Rihanna’s 10-month-old son will deeply touch everyone

This best-known, enormously successful and overall-recognizable singer has recently pleasantly surprised millions of her followers with some new heartwarming shots of her beautiful family.

Here is the exclusive footage of her absolutely adorable 10-month-old son she has posted just recently. The legendary performer tightly held him in her arms. The video showed the cutie who started to sincerely smile and laugh once she started filming.

The iconic singer signed the post. «Look who doesn’t want mom to train».

It should be mentioned as well that Rihanna started to show her adorable son more often than before, yet the famous spouses still keep his name a secret.

It is worth mentioning that shortly after his birth, he started to win millions of hearts with his cuteness.


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