«In the arms of her beloved!»: The exclusive footage of Spears and her husband Asghari shared by the singer raised questions

Spears posted photos with her husband and made her followers worry about her

The lately posted photos of popular and successful singer B. Spears with her husband S. Asghari became the subject of discussions on social media. Judging by the footage, the scandalous spouses look happy.

The publication received over a thousand likes within a couple of hours yet her followers weren’t delighted at all since the singer doesn’t let her followers leave comments. This has become a reason for them to worry about their idol even more.

There have been some strange things happening recently with her networking page and her fans simply can’t remain indifferent constantly asking the singer whether everything is okay with her or if she needs some help.

«Because I’m doing a major retrospective this week, I went back and checked some of my posts and realized that half of my clothes are gone. These are my favorite pieces of clothing that aren’t there! I’m posting this to remind myself.».

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