«In sweatpants and a bathrobe»: A former style icon Carrie Bradshaw disappointed her admirers with her recent outfit

You have hardly seen this side of Carrie Bradshaw who appeared in an unusual look

After the release of the «Sex and the City», C. Bradshaw gained fame becoming one of the most striking and intriguing TV characters. Millions dreamed of living her life – dating attractive men, buying brandy clothes and going to elite restaurants.

Meanwhile, the resident of Manhattan faced criticism as well being accused of being frivolous who dated a lot of men sometimes forgetting about her friends and constantly wasting a great sum of money on expensive clothes, shoes and accessories.

Yet, both her loyal fans and haters knew one thing – she was truly good at fashion and always dressed in a stylish way. Soon, Bradshaw was recognized as an icon of style shortly after the release of the first episode owing to costume designer Patricia Field.

It seemed beyond the bounds of possibility that the outstanding actress would ever look old-fashioned since even for a daily walk she was caught being dressed in a fashionable way.

However, the former style icon disappointed some of her fans forgetting about luxury brands and glossy magazines switching into the mass market.

Meanwhile, in the series «And Just Go» the image of Bradshaw let no onlooker remain indifferent.

Her outfit in sweatpants, slippers and something like a dressing gown or coat over her shoulders raises questions. It should be noted that the well-known actress appeared in sweatpants again but already with pumps causing discussing on network.

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