«In one word – STUNNING!»: The magnificent appearance of the Mexican diva deserves special attention

No one could take their eyes off the gorgeous dress of Hayek at the Gala Concert 😍

Among the attendees of the LACMA Art + Film Festival 2022 was charming and talented Mexican film star S. Hayek. Since the event was dedicated to Gucci, the guests were supposed to choose outfits from this very Italian brand.

It is worth mentioning that the owner of the brand is the outstanding actress’s billionaire husband with whom she came to the remarkable event.

It stands to reason that the appearance of the legendary spouses made a deep impression on absolutely everyone. Her iconic dress adorned by sparkling rhinestones and with matching gloves became the center of attention there.

She looked simply fantastic and splendid since the luxurious dress gave her even more charm. Many thought she resembled a mermaid in real life.

How did you like the Mexican actress’s dress?

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