«In garbage cans looking for food!»: Former model Willison was filmed while looking for food in the streets

The fans didn’t believe their eyes when they saw the former model in garbage cans 😲😱

The former iconic blonde used to be one of the most popular and sought-after stars in Hollywood. However, her life radically changed after the model got into a relationship.

Her relationship was over with the star of «Baywatch» who not once raised his hand to her. Often, her partner couldn’t control his emotions and did some things unacceptable.

This negatively affected her mental health and she became mentally unstable. One day she found herself with nothing, with no love, no apartment, no job.

Many believe that she wasn’t able to pay her bills and expenses and, as a result, was left homeless.

It has already been seven years that she lives in the streets and tries to find food in garbage cans while claiming that she doesn’t need any help and that everything is alright with her.


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