«In fishnet tights and with a whip!»: The provocative look of Madonna became the subject of discussions

Madonna’s scandalous appearance in fishnet tights and with a whip caused a stir 😱😳

Even at her senior age, Madonna still doesn’t cease to greatly surprise the entire world with her catchy and outrageous outfits and daring behavior. Her recent scandalous appearance in stockings, a tuxedo and with a whip raised questions.

«I can’t believe my eyes! What is going on here?», «She is the queen of pop. She is allowed to do anything she wants», «What happened to the iconic singer?».

«She no longer knows what to do with so much fame and popularity», «Another attention seeker!», «I can’t take my eyes off this woman!».

«No matter what, she is a legend», «The best out of the best».

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