«In an unbuttoned denim miniskirt and with bold red lips!»: Rihanna’s beach shot in Barbados

Rihanna never misses a chance to flaunt her pregnant belly wherever she goes to 🤔😳

This outstanding, successful and talented singer is currently enjoying her well-deserved vacation in her homeland. The 35-year-old star proudly showed her big belly and can’t wait to welcome her second baby.

With her boyfriend and their 1-year-old heir they went to Barbados to meet her family. Her spontaneous beach photo shoot in their luxurious villa’s backyard delighted the fans. The iconic star was in a black top and a denim miniskirt.

She complemented her image with a hat and a diamond necklace. The final touch became her daring red lips.

The legendary performer treated herself to snow cone cocktails containing ice and sweet syrup. What concerns her chosen one, he chose a ginger and coconut flavored drink. The star daringly unbuttoned her skirt and showed her belly.

The outfit she had chosen immediately became the subject of discussions. Many started to criticize her for her choice explaining that in a denim miniskirt she looked like an ordinary village girl. Others continued to sincerely admire her.

Her recent look at the Fashion Week in a captivating outfit left followers speechless as well.

She also showcased her big pregnant tummy for Louis Vuitton. She has become one of the pregnant style icons who never ceases to delight the world with her brightness and femininity.

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